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Let Vermilion Asphalt & Seal Coating, LLC show you why our team of pavement professionals is second to none. Whether it is new construction, resurfacing or patching we will work to provide a solution to your pavement needs.  

Proper installation of the appropriate amount of materials is critical to the longevity of your asphalt surfaces. With Vermilion Asphalt & Seal Coating, LLC you will always get the specified amount of materials proposed. 


Our trained estimators will always take the time to explain exactly the work being bid on in full detail, giving you full understanding of the materials being used, the work being delivered and the best solution to the work you look to have performed. You will never feel rushed dealing with Vermilion Asphalt & Seal Coating, LLC. We believe that knowledge is the key to understanding, and we will take the time to discuss your project, explain the materials and the exact process that will take place. We are not here to over bid the project but instead give you the best work that we possibly can for the best price. 

Even if you are undecided between contractors, we will still take the time to give you understanding of the pavement process and what needs best suit you and your project.

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